H O M E . .P R O F I L E ...W O R K S ...C O N T A C T  

, a highly accomplished Lithuanian sculptor, works in a surprising array of media –including fire and ice. Although his sculpture varies from classical to conceptual, timeless to ephemeral, one element recurs in all of his artistic endeavors – a story.

His ceaseless curiosity and his lifestyle as the relentless adventurer contribute to a body of work as diverse in form and substance as the world itself.

His Zen-master approach to everything material unchains him from the notion of time. He gladly endures bone chilling cold to create sculptures that will survive only until the first warm day; or builds elaborate sculptural constructions of hay only to burn them at the end of the day with nothing left to show. Yet he smiles and responds nonchalantly – it’s only a game.

He knows how to make stone speak, metal become weightless, and all the while his grounding in classical training allows him to create monumental and representational work, if only to remind everyone – it’s more than a game after all.

L. A. Hornall, Creative director at MONOGRAF

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